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“Don’t tell me

what I can’t do”

—Stephen Heidenreich



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Stephen Heidenreich first race after acc

My first race thirteen months after my accident. 

Stephen Heidenreich after surgery

Leaving the Bloomington hospital with the great Olympic Coach Sam Bell. I was the mental age of a toddler in a 23-year-old body, gaunt, shaved head, with a scar from the miraculous brain surgery.

Stephen Heidenreich in his best shape_

Cross Country Training in the best shape of my life.

Stephen Heidenreich 1976 NCAA

1976 indoor NCAA Track and Field Championships; I’m trying to pass this runner to take the lead.

Stephen Heidenreich Hall of Fame Inducti

Stephen Heidenreich at his South Dakota Hall of Fame induction.

Stephen Heidenreich

Stephen Heidenreich

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