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“You are never really playing an opponent. You are playing yourself, your own highest standards, and when you reach your limits, that is real joy.”

—Arthur Ashe


Stephen is a certified track and field coach with the USTAF, United States Track and Field.


After Stephen taught the Northwestern High School boys and girls running team his successful racing strategies, the boys team won the conference meet, placed second at regions, and took third place at the state championship. The girls team finished 2nd in conference, 2nd at regions and 6th at the state meet. The South Dakota State meet allows 16 teams to participate. You have to qualify at the regionals.  


Olympic Day in Breckenridge, Colorado, inspiring youth to train for the Olympics!

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“I first met Stephen Heidenreich in my first year of college at The University of Texas at Arlington. I was excited to be running NCAA Div.1 track and field, albeit far from my family and friends in Calgary, Canada. Stephen was an integral part of my adjustment and eventual improvement running at the college level. He taught me strategies to access my mental skills and become a valuable member of my cross country and track and field teams. With my time at UTA now a decade behind me, I have found a career path built on the foundational knowledge that Stephen shared with me during that time. I can share the gift of mental skill development with athletes competing at all levels, and I am so grateful to Stephen for shining light on the importance of training the mind for competition.” 


—Perri Ford, M.A., CSPA

Owner/Mental Performance Consultant 

Bell Lap Mental Performance Coaching 

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