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Stephen’s mission is to inspire others who have encountered setbacks and unexpected turns of fortune. Each of us has a reservoir of strength that we do not acknowledge until we need it. Steve’s experience is inspiring and reassuring. 

Contact Steve to arrange to have him speak to your service club, athletic banquet, student assembly, or sales meeting.


Stephen Heidenreich went from having a 90% chance of making the 1976 US Olympic Team to having a 5% chance to live, after he was hit by a drunk drive while training in Bloomington, Indiana.


Left with the mental faculty of a two-year old child, Stephen battled back to become a coach and special education teacher. His is an amazing story of the power of community, family commitment, persistence, and dedication.


As it turns out, he was a gold medal winner after all—just ask all the kids he taught and coached!



Stragegies to Triumph in Record Time

In Running to Win you’ll learn how to be excellent in athletics, academics, or both. This inspirational book will help you become successful in business or whatever your desire for greatness may be. By reading this book, you will learn step-by-step strategies and tools to succeed in business and life. Here you will learn the habits for long term success and optimum performance. When these habits for success are applied, your long-term success will be phenomenal.

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